KYB Steering Damper Toyota ( Hi-lux (4Wd) L/YN60/65,Ln106 Rn106 (T-B)(Tok#Sd2007) ) ( 84-98 )

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KYB Steering Damper Toyota

( Hi-lux (4Wd) L/YN60/65,Ln106 Rn106 (T-B)(Tok#Sd2007) ) ( 84-98 )


With the superior on-road performance, these oil-only steering dampers satisfy the most demanding drivers. Fully self-adjusting, these steering dampers were designed to incorporate advanced damping technologies to deliver consistent road control and comfort, with the added benefit of prolonged service life.

A Steering Damper acts to dampen and control a vehicle when the front tyres make contact with a hole or rut on the road.

It also helps the vehicle to drive and steer in a straight line, preventing it from following channels and curves in the road surface. While a new steering damper reduces driver fatigue and makes driving safer, a faulty one can force the steering wheel from the driver’s hands when contact is made with a bump in the road. While these are not required in modern 4wd vehicles fitted with steering racks, 4wd’s with steering boxes do require a steering damper.


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