Ma-Fra Interior & Exterior Diamant Plast Four Polish 1 Liter

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Diamant Plast 4 - HO231


It contains organic waxes
Mixture of Carnauba wax and polymers
Fast and easy to use

DIAMANT PLAST FOUR is now available in a new and practical 250 mL container. It is a mixture of Carnauba wax and polymers which is fast and easy to use. DIAMANT PLAST FOUR creates a “silk” effect on plastic and leather surfaces and forms a long lasting and effective dust repellent barrier on external plastics which can withstand repeated washing. Based on a special formulation devised at the MA-FRA research laboratories, DIAMANT PLAST FOUR protects and nourishes the treated materials thanks to the barrier effect created by the polymers on the plastic, combined with the nourishing effect provided by the Carnauba wax. It does not discolour plastic parts and leaves no greasy smears. Protects against UVA. Pleasantly fragrant.

How to Use:

Spray the part to be treated with DIAMANT PLAST FOUR in short bursts at a distance of about 20 cm, so as to cover the surface evenly without over-applying. Concentrated product.

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