Ma-Fra Pulicasco Motorbike Care Cleaner for Helmet Interior 75ml

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Pulicasco - HO117

Pulicasco di Mafra is a special pleasantly scented foamy spray product, suitable for renewing and cleaning the inside of the helmet, dissolving bad smells without wetting the padding, thus avoiding disassembling it for the usual ordinary cleaning.

Pulicasco has an excellent detergent and cleaning action and for this reason, it is suitable for multiple uses.
Neutral, anti-odor, absolutely non-toxic, therefore ecological and non-aggressive, it is ideal for those who travel many km with their motorbike or scooter and want to continue to surround themselves with a great feeling of freshness protected by their helmet.

The product does not damage the visor, does not leave halos, and is neutral towards paints, metals, leathers, and plastics in general. Its carefully selected active substances allow a complete and lasting renewing treatment. Of course, Pulicasco di Mafra is safe against the skin of the face.

How to use:
Spray Pulicasco evenly at a distance of about 20 / 25cm
Wait a few minutes for the product to act
Rub with a clean and dry sponge or microfibre cloth
Remove excess product from all padding
Let it air before putting on the helmet

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