MAG1 Motor Oil - Gasoline Engine SAE 20W-50 946ml

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MAG-1 MOTOR OIL - Gasoline Engine With FMX Friction Modified For Extended Wear Protection
MAG 1 Passenger Car Motor Engine Oil are formulated to exceed the toughest U.S. standards for passenger cars and light trucks. It contains only the highest quality, hydrotreated, paraffinic lubricating Engine Oil and a technologically advanced additive system, which includes detergents, dispersants, viscosity improver, anti-wear, and anti-friction agents, and oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. MAG 1 world class motor Engine Oil are fortified above standard performance requirements to give excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidancy, anti-corrosively, better sludge control, and TBN retention. It is enhanced with the most rigorously tested and field proved high-performance additive system for extended engine wear protection.

Benefits of MAG1 World Class Motor Engine Oil
Reduced friction for excellent protection against engine wear.
High resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown
Fights volatility burn-off to minimize engine deposits and exhaust emissions
Enhanced fuel economy and reduced emission over other conventional motor Engine Oil
Provides excellent wide range temperature protection for “All Seasons”. (SAE 10W-40)
It provides a thicker oil film and higher thermal stability for maximum protection especially under high temperature and stress operating conditions. (SAE 20W-50)

EC - Energy Conserving

946 ml, 1qt. x 6

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