Microtex Bac-to-Zero Special Target

Size: 1000ml
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Microtex MTX Bac To Zero Special Target Antiseptic Disinfectant with Free Spray Bottle.

Bac to zero Special Target is a safe and proven way to sanitize, disinfect and protec your household and bussiness from viruses and bacteria. It uses a highly effective proprietary formula that blends powerful but safe bacterial and viricidal ingredients recommended by leading health authorities worldwide.

Bac to zero Special Target works by quickly killing viruses and bacteria, and leaves a thin layer of protection that inactivates and suppresses the growth of most known pathogens for up to 24 hours. It is pH neutral and does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach or alcohol and does not release harmful and irritating fumes. Bac to zero Special Target is ideal for household, commercial, hospitality and transportation industries where high people traffic and interactions also demand high levels of safety and protection.

Directions: To avoid cross contamination wear protective gloves.

a.) Spray on surface and wipe using a clean MTX microfiber Cloth. For deeper sanitation, it is best to leave up to 1 min. before wiping off.

b.) Active Disinfection up to 24H: Spray a thin layer on surface evenly and allow to air dry.

Note: try on a small hidden area before use.

• Eco friendly

• Non Corrosive

• Non Alcohol

• Non Bleach

• Microscopic santition

• Kills bacteria and viruses

• Broad spectrum

• Safe on all surfaces

• pH neutral

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