Microtex Bike Visor Guard

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Microtex Bike Visor & Headlight Guard (125ml) UV Protection Coating! Crystal Clear Finish! Prevents Yellowing & Fading! Improves Clarity For Safety Driving! MICROTEX Bike Visor & Headlight Guard is an advance protective coating for motorcycle headlights and helmet visor.

It contains UVA and UVB absorbers that protects against daily sun exposure to prevent premature yellowing, fading and cracking. MTX Bike Visor & Headlight Guard leaves a crystal clear coating that enhances the clarity of headlights and helmet visors improving visibility on the road.

DIRECTIONS: For total protection, we strongly recommend using MTX Bike VH Polish first before applying MTX BIke VH Guard

1.) Spray directly on headlight or helmet visor.

2.) Using MTX Detailing Cloth, spread lightly to ensure proper coverage. Allow to dry for about one minute to form a protective layer.

3.) Buff to a crystal clear shine.

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