Microtex C'Trix

Size: 500ml
Sale price₱ 349.75


Citrus Iron Decontaminant


C’TRIX™ contains the latest decontamination technology to maintain your precious vehicles in top condition. C’TRIX™ removes rust and other airborne contaminants like rail dust, brake dust and industrial fall out completely from the roots. Rust and other contaminants if left untreated can slowly damage your paint, wheels and other surfaces. C’TRIX™ prevents rust stains on your paint and preserves your wheels in pristine condition all in one easy step. It also helps in keeping your windows and paint smooth by dissolving lodged in particles.

  • Dissolves iron deposits
  • Deep cleanse wheels
  • Safe for body and paint

DILUTION: Heavy:As Is, Medium - 1:1, Light - 1:2

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