Microtex Detailing Cloth

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MTX® DETAIL CLOTH is made from ultra-fine threads called microfibers, a special blend of polyester and nylon that has unparalleled absorbing, cleaning, dusting, buffing and polishing capabilities. With a diameter of less than 1.0 denier, MTX® DETAIL CLOTH microfiber are 100 times finer than human hair, 10 times finer than silk, 40 times finer than wool and 30 times finer than cotton, the common material used for cloth cleaners. That is why with MTX® DETAIL CLOTH, cleaning has never been so easy, fast, economical and environment-friendly! ·

Scratch-free & Lint-free

· Ideal for cleaning & polishing

· Removes dust & dirt like magnet

· Absorbs 7 times of its weight Size: 12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm)

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