Microtex Dry Wash

Size: 500ml
Sale price₱ 197.73


Waterless Wash (With Wax)
Dry Wash is the latest breakthrough in Detailing Products maintenance.

It is designed to effectively remove dirt, dust, and grime safely without scratching your paint.

Formulated with ultra-slick polymers to prevent scratching your paint while giving it that newly waxed feel.

Dry Wash is easy to use, just spray and wipe and you will be done in just minutes.

It is designed to be used anywhere, under the sun or in the shade whether hot or cold climate.

It is also environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable and is perfect for those scenarios where water use is restricted or limited.

Dry Wash then finishes with a surface that’s not only slick but anti-static as well keeping your car cleaner longer.

Wash your car anytime anywhere
Anti-static formula
Safely clean your car in minutes

Spray Waxes
Concentrated DILUTION: 1:5

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