Microtex Elite Junior

Variants: Single
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Superior Drying Made Easy
It is designed for easy wringing, drying, and handling.

It is specially made for starters to enjoy the microfiber absorbing ability in a luxurious way of drying.

Microtex® Elite Jr. waffle weave pockets make it easy to absorb water fast.

The silk banded design adds further protection from scratches that can be induced by the edges.

Microtex® Elite Jr. is lightweight and super absorbent, it dries more effectively just by simply gliding the towel using its own weight.

Made for easy wringing and drying.
Lightweight and super absorbent.
Micro-pockets to absorb water fast.

Microtex Cleaning Cloth SIZE: 18in. x 24in.
Bulk Pack 6 pcs.

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