Microtex Glaz Stainz' Out (Glass & Headlamp)

Size: 70ml
Sale price₱ 184.75


It is a heavy duty stripper with fine scrubbers that strips out dirt, bugs, oil films, watermarks, and heavy residues for an ultimate streak-free and scratch-free clean.

Use it to clean glass and windshields for perfect road visibility.

It also enhances glass smoothness and prevents wiper skipping.

GLÀZ® STAINZ’ OUT™ is ideal for surface preparation when using GLÀZ® STAIN GUARD™. 
GLÀZ® STAINZ’ OUT™ is perfect for automotive, boats, homes, and buildings with glass surfaces such as mirrors, windows, shower doors, glass tops, and more.

Easily removes stain and oil film.
Improves glass clarity.
Smoothens wiper performance.

Glass Treatment (Glass & Headlamp)

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