Microtex Polishing Pad (Orange)

Size: 3 inches
Sale price₱ 179.75


MTX® PerfectBUFF™ PRO Polishing Pad makes buffing those hard to reach areas and contours trouble-free. It is the fastest solution to holograms and 2500 and finer sanding scratches. It quickly removes swirl marks and light scratches. The best way to achieve that most coveted show room shine is to use MTX® Polishing Pad. Made of durable 70 PPI open cell European foam designed to run cool and smooth to make that final polishing step a breeze.

  • Solution to 2500 fine sanding scratches.
  • Quickly & easily removes swirl marks.
  • Open Cell Technology for cooler process.

SIZE: 8in. waffle, 8in., 6in., and 3in.


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