Microtex SupraCUT

Size: 30ml
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Hi-Gloss Rubbing Compound
SupraCUT is an advanced compound that is designed to remove heavy defects such as sanding marks, heavy scratches, swirls marks and heavy oxidation all quickly and easily with the workability of a polish.

SupraCUT features an abrasive technology that keeps on working and working pass after pass while leaving a finish normally found in heavy polishes.

SupraCUT incorporates proprietary Engine Oil that provide a long working time, keeping the pads suspended in Engine Oil to keep the pads from scouring the finish, reducing the chances of re-introducing swirls and haze.

Fast cut hi-gloss finish
Cuts like a compound, buffs like a polish
Removes scratches and sanding marks

Rubbing Compound (Non-Silicone) 

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