Microtex SupraGLOS 1000g

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Cleaner Wax & Polish
SupraGLOS is the latest one step product to revolutionize paint care.

It acts as a paint cleaner, filler and finishing polish.

SupraGLOS can easily remove hard baked on road grime and paint stains restoring the brilliance and color of the paint.

Ultrafine polishes further enhance the smoothness and slickness of the paint all without reducing the paint layer.

Fillers conceal minor imperfections such as hairline swirls and scratches to further enhance the paint definition and clarity.

SupraGLOS is the one-step solution to maintaining new cars and restoring old cars to look like new.

One step cleaning and protection
Restores brilliance and color of paint
Deep cleanse formula

Fine Polish and Glaze (Non-Silicone) 1000ml

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