Microtex Supreme (Ultra Soft Double High Pile)

Variants: Single
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Made for Luxury, Designed for Supercars
It is the culmination of all the best characteristics of different microfibers.

Its extra thick pile makes it extra safe for waterless washing, drying, and quick detailing purposes.

Its luxurious ultra fine fibers make it the best towel for the last touch finishes for removing waxes and sealants without causing any marring.

Microtex® Supreme is double-sided with a different color on each side to make it easier to dedicate one side for a specific purpose.

The double independent backing makes for an extra durable construction.

The silk banded design ensures there are no scratches caused from the edges of the towels.

Extremely durable, double-sided design.
Scratch-free luxurious thick pile.
Perfect for all applications

Microtex Cleaning Cloth SIZE: 16in. x 16in.
Bulk Pack 6 pcs.

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