MOTHERS Professional Finishing Polish 12oz.

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Professional Rubbing Compound

Net Content: 12 fl. oz. / 355 mL

Mothers Professional Finishing Polish works with your favorite buffer to safely and effectively remove compounding scratches, towel marks, swirls, hazing, holograms, and other imperfections from all paint types. Once complete, you’re left with brilliant color, enhanced gloss, unmatched depth, and a perfectly prepared surface, ready for waxing.

Our polishing compound smooths, refines and clarifies compounded paint surface. It’s body shop proven, works with any buffer or pads, and can be used as a follow-up to other compounds as well as a stand-alone product. To use, just apply a 5-inch ribbon to the pad, then set the buffer speed to medium or medium-high. Start off slowly and rest the pad on the surface, using just the weight of the machine without placing any more pressure on it. Work on a small section at a time, overlapping each one to make sure you’re evenly covering the entire surface, and move the pad in at least 3 different directions as you go. If needed, apply more of the polishing compound to ensure the working surface is wet at all times. Finish it off with a spritz of instant detailer and use a soft, clean microfiber towel to wipe the polish off. Flip the cloth over using a clean surface as you wipe. Finally, inspect the surface to see if you’ve missed any spots. When you’re all done with the polishing compound, you’ll be left with a smooth, clean, defect-free surface that’s ready to be waxed.

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