OLD MAN EMU Suspension Lift Kit for Isuzu D-Max (2013-2016)

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OLD MAN EMU Suspension Lift Kit for Isuzu D-Max (2013-2016)

This set includes:

Front Shock 90022 - 2pcs
Front Shock (firmer side) 90023 - 2pcs
Rear Shock Absorber 60116 - 2pcs
Front Coil 30mm - Bar 2883 - 1pc
Leaf Spring 30mm - Medium Load EL072R - 2pcs
Bushing Kit OMESB98 - 2sets

Whether you’re traveling on harsh Outback roads, using your vehicle for competition purposes or towing a camper trailer, the importance of a fully integrated 4×4 suspension system is paramount.

Designed for superior performance across all terrain, an Old Man Emu suspension upgrade by ARB will provide noticeable improvements to a vehicle’s performance, including load carrying capacity and control characteristics.

Australia’s leading 4×4 suspension brand takes into account your individual requirements with specialist engineers spending hundreds of man hours testing and modifying various combinations in the demanding Australian Outback so you can find the most suitable solution for your needs.

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