Osram All Season H7 55W 12V Pair

Sale price₱ 1,395.00


All Season H7 55W 12V

30% More Light
Strong penetration golden light
Pleasant vision for driving
Standard design
E1 certificate approved

Higher visibility in poor weather conditions
More yellow makes you noticeable in traffic
High luminous flux
The illuminated area 10m more - for higher safety

ALL-SEASON is the name given by OSRAM to its yellow-coated range of headlight lamps. The yellow impression is provided by interference filter coatings that are applied to the bulb in sequence of consecutive operations. This enables an extremely precise and virtually loss-free change to be achieved in the color location (<1% loss of luminous flux).

From certain angles of reflection, Car Light equipped with these lamps also appear bluish. The color location of the ALL-SEASON coating lies within the standardized ECE white field and, in contrast to the selectively yellow-coated "French yellow" lamps and it can be used without restriction in all Car Light. An ALL-SEASON lamp can replace any clear lamp.

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