Osram LED T10 Cool White

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Osram LED T10 2825DW-02B Parking Lamp (12V, 1W)

An electroluminescent diode is called LED. LEDs have a lot of coverage, for example at home, in the road traffic, in LED TVs, and so on. LED in the traffic will be replace other lights in cars. The energy efficiency is much better than in other lights and their life is much longer too. The life will be shown with 100. 000 hours. It depends on the temperature, the use and the environment. At first, the LED lights were used in the car and not outside. The advantages are some other things too, like different colors, different possible designs, on and off of the light without problems and so on. LED lights are possible for different types of cars. The installation is very easy and you don't have to drive for trained people.

  • Up to 100 percent more light than a standard bulb
  • 6000K cool white daylight colour appearance
  • Latest optical diffuser material gives the best light performance


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