PIAA Hyper Arros 3900K Halogen Bulb HB4/9006

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PIAA Halogen Bulb Hyper Arros HB4 (9006)

Compliance               ECE/DOT Compliant
Kelvin                        3900
Color                         Brilliant White Color (up to +120% Light Appearance)
Bulb Type                  HB4 (9006)
Watts                         55W
Unit                            Pair

PIAA Hyper Arros Halogen Light Bulb replacements are perfect for road use as they allow up to 120% more light appearance than conventional bulbs. PIAA believes that "Power is Nothing without Vision" and we agree. Being able to see where you are headed is top priority. Furthermore, these bulbs are ECE Compliant, so you can be assured of quality as always from PIAA.

CAUTION: Never touch the glass tube with anything including your hands as residue or oils will greatly reduce the life span of the bulb. Oils may actually cause the bulb to burst when turned on.

If you do get a substance on the bulb, you must clean it thoroughly with a cleaner that leaves no oil or residue such as an alcohol cleaner before turning the bulb on.

Do not touch or bump the bulb on any surface. When under pressure, the bulb may burst to cause personal injury.

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