Piaa LED Sport Lamp LP270 Driving Beam 6000K White 2.75” Pair

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Limited on space but still need a light to outperform your vehicles high beams? Then the LP270 LED driving light was developed for you. This unique Driving Beam was designed to give users extended beam reach while still providing side and shoulder illumination. The integrated Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls the light output while keeping SAE-Y Compliant beam that eliminates glare for oncoming traffic and gives you peace of mind that you are running a street legal product. Small in stature but big on output, the LP270 provides vast amounts of light, yet is small enough to offer a wide variety of fitments for cars, trucks and SUVs.


  • 12V, 8.5W
  • Reflector Facing Technology
  • Brilliant 6000k Light Output
  • 2.75" Diameter
  • ECE / SAE Compliant
  • A beam designed for extreme distances with sufficient side and shoulder illumination
  • Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls output for better beam definition
  • 6000k white output to replicate daylight for better illumination at night with 2 high power LEDs
  • Rugged 2-3/4” compact design with multiple mounting options for maximum versatility
  • Comes with two lights, mounting hardware, and harness with relay, fuse and switch
  • SAE-F Compliant, 10G Vibration Rating, IP67 water tight
  • Ideal mounting location: Lower valance or top of bumper for long distance illumination

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