PIAA Silicone Wiper Aero Vogue Flex 19"

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PIAA Silicone Wiper AERO VOGUE 19"

  • Silicone Wipers last up to 2x longer than standard wipers
  • Coats windshield with water-repellent silicone with every wipe
  • The Aerodynamic cover ensures quiet and streak-free wiping at all speeds
  • Silicone rubber resists wear and damage from UV and sunlight exposure
  • Clearer vision even when wipers aren't wiping
  • Fits C1/C11 wiper arms only
Durability - High-quality PC cover with an aerodynamic design for maximum performance in any weather condition.

Silicone Rubber - Maintains a sharp, clean edge and offers better resistance to all environments (Ozone, Temperature Extremes).

Design - The aerodynamic design gives your vehicle a premium look while eliminating wind lift and blade chatter.

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