Prestone Brake Fluid DOT 3 900ml

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Delivers superior dependable braking power right at the moment where it matters.

Prestone Brake Fluid is a scientifically compounded and chemically balanced formula developed for use in all types of automobile and truck hydraulic brake systems including those equipped with disc brakes. It is formulated to provide safe, dependable performance in the hydraulic brake system for long periods of time and under a wide range of operating conditions. It exceeds the performance requirements of DOT 3 and military brake fluid specifications.

Prestone Brake Fluid does not only pass but exceeds DOT 3 (U.S. Department of Transportation as regulated locally by DTI-BPS) standard specifications on ERBP (equilibrium reflux boiling point). Prestone® has the highest boiling point which means it doesn’t easily boil at lower temperatures.

  • Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116.
  • Surpasses SAE Spec J1703.
  • Minimum Wet Boiling Point 284°C (140°C)

How to Use:

  1. Clean all dirt around fluid reservoir before removing its cover.
  2. Fill unit to level specified by manufacturer.
  3. Replace cover.
  4. Check fluid level once a month.

Never wash brake parts with gasoline, kerosene or oil. Avoid spilling fluid on car finish or brake lining. Check brake fluid regularly. It is highly recommended to Flush & Fill at least once a year especially for cars two years and older.

To Bleed System: Refer to service manual. Do not re-use brake fluid from bleeding operation.

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