Prestone Longlife Coolant Concentrate 1 Liter

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Provides the ultimate cooling system protection against overheating, and rust and corrosion.

Formulated to meet the demands of different types of vehicle, this Ethylene glycol based coolant provides excellent overheating protection and all-around corrosion protection. It is compatible with rubber parts and is non-foaming. When used as directed, Prestone® Long life Coolant Concentrate prevents overheating and boil over. It prevents rust and corrosion and protects engine metals.

How to Use:

  1. DRAIN: Draining removes loose rust and sediment from the radiator. Open drain valve at the bottom of radiator.

  2. FLUSH: Flushing cleans the engine block. Close radiator drain valve. Fill radiator with distilled water, leaving a room for quality cooling system flush/cleaner. Add Prestone® Super Flush. Run engine to about 10 minutes. Stop engine. Allow to cool. Drain radiator again. Close drain valve.

  3. FILL: Check Owner’s Manual for cooling system capacity and special service instructions. Pour 50% or up to 70% Prestone® Longlife Coolant Concentrate. Add distilled water to fill the radiator.

  4. CHECK: Run engine to about 10 minutes. Stop engine. Allow to cool. Check coolant level and add distilled water if necessary. Top up recovery tank regularly. Fill with 50% or up to 70% Prestone® Longlife Coolant Concentrate and add distilled water or use Prestone® Ready-to-Use Coolant. Check coolant level periodically. Replace worn-out radiator cap. Tighten hose clamps.

CAUTION: Do not remove radiator cap while cooling system is hot.

WARNING: Never siphon by mouth. If swallowed, give plenty of water and induce vomiting. Call a physician. Ethylene glycol base. Do not store in open or unlabeled containers.

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