Pristine Final Touch 250ml

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Quick detailer spray film wax.
Specially formulated with the latest car cleaning synthetic spray mix.
Easy to apply anytime anywhere.
Removes dust, bug, tree saps, bird droppings, light rain mark, dust, light tar and more.
A high hydrophobic effect in rain and water spray sheets like film repelled from car exterior.
Has UV blocker to maintain paints luster and depth under the damaging sun.
Adds depth of depth in gloss and high solid of paint color.
Nano-synthetic adds noticeable HD Luster every use.
Has the "just waxed look" after every use can be used with water spot free window glass for high nano sheeting hydrophobic effect.
Efficient and economical, can be used between washes to prolong wax and protectant life.
Safe and effective in any paint and other applications, instant and lasting results guaranteed.

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