Pristine Nano Wax 500ml

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Nano Wax 500ml

Nanospray wax is specially formulated with nano-synthetic technology.

Most advanced nano-ceramic topped to the finest chemical seal glaze you can actually buy off the shelf.
With the same results of glass coating and without the need for a professional application with the same instant results.
High hydrophobic effect and protection from harmful elements.
Has UV blocker to maintain paint's luster and depth under the damaging sun. 
Adds depth of depth in gloss and high solid of paint color. 
This product will never dry out paint and clear coat safe.
Safe to use with plastics, vinyl, decal, glass, aluminum, and rubber application.
Wash car before application, must be in standard outside temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
Apply to clean paint surface in a circular motion with a microfiber towel or microfiber applicator.
Apply even coats to all over paint job, finish off by removing first applied.

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