PRO 99 911 DRY SLYDER Teflon Anti-Rust 250ml

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PRO-99 911 DRY SLYDER - White Dry PTFE Lube

All angle 360-degree nozzle, multi-purpose dry protectant.
Cleans treated surfaces, easily removes dirt, grease and grimes.
Dries quickly, minimizes waste from excess run-off.
Lubricates moving parts, reduces friction to restore & preserve free movement
Non-stick PTFE dry formula leaves dirt-resistant PTFE lubricating layer
It protects metal surfaces, shields against corrosive elements.
This product uses a UNIQUE PTFE-based formula to clean and lubricate moving parts with a dirt-resistant, dry layer that protects treated surfaces against humidity and corrosion.
Unlike conventional/wet multi-use sprays, the dry PTFE film is highly resistant to outdoor high temperatures and does not evaporate at all.
This product is highly suitable for use on exposed chains, gears, pulleys, and other moving parts prone to the dirt grime build-up that comes with the use of wet multi-use sprays.

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