Prochoice Microfiber Multi- Tasker Cloth

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Wipes Like A Pro

PROChoice® Multi-Tasker Microfiber Cloths.  Made from the same ultra-fine threads that made our brand popular, these cloths  are guaranteed to give you unparalleled absorbing, cleaning, dusting, buffing and polishing capabilities.

These cloths are designed for your everyday cleaning needs may it be in your household, automobiles, or gadgets.  Our cloth will wipe away all the dirt, dust, grease, grime, and fingerprint marks on generally any kind of surface without leaving any scratches or dirt.  The towel structure allows the fibers to reach into every nooks and crannies that normal flat towels cannot.

  • Cleans, Shines, Polishes
  • Scratch-Free and Lint-Free
  • Color-Coded to prevent cross-contamination

Size: 10.5in x 24in (26.5cm x 60 cm)

Available in packs of 3s and 12s.

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