Soft99 Fabric Seat Deodorizer

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Soft99 Fabric Seat Deodorizer

This fabric seat deodorizer directly attacks and neutralizes smells trapped in fabric Car Seats / Racing Seats, effectively removing smells when conventional products would fail. The newly developed direct-injection mechanism allows the deodorizing and antibacterial compounds to penetrate directly into the inner structure of the cushioning to attack those stubborn smells from sweat, pets, tobacco, etc. to provide a complete cleansing treatment for fabric Car Seats / Racing Seats.

Directions : 
First, wipe down the whole seat with a wrung-out damp towel.
Shake well and unlock the nozzle.
Press the direct injection nozzle directly into the fabric seat, spacing injections by around 30 cm, 4-6 shots each for the seat and backrest, and 1-2 for the headrest. Each injection should be around 1 second.
Using the spray lever, spray over the entire seat surface from around 20 cm away.
After spraying, wipe down the seat with a dry towel, and leave to dry completely (at least 4 hours in summer, at least 12 hours in winter).

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