SOFT99 Glass Care Glass Stain Cleaner 80ml + 1pad

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Glass Stain Cleaner

1. Remove dust and dirt from glass with water, and wipe off any water drops remaining on the surface.
2. Shake the bottle well.
3. Pour liquid on the white side of the pad included, and begin to polish the surface of the glass.
4. Finally, wash the glass cleanly.

Newly developed triple abrasive particles powerfully remove scale-like spots that could not be removed with conventional glass compounds.
In addition, the fluorinated water repellent and the oil film that adheres to the surface are refreshed to restore the transparency of glass when it is new.
With a loop fiber pad to bring out cleaner performance to the limit.

SOFT99 Glass Refresh is a car detailing and cleaning product developed for removing tough stains like stubborn Engine Oil, grease or even water that has permeated the glass or windshield and are next to impossible to remove. These stains impregnate in the glass making visibility difficult and driving challenging especially in rainy weather and during night-time driving. SOFT99 Glass Refresh does not contain acid in its composition and therefore does not erode or stain parts of rubber or plastic that it comes in contact with.

It also doubles up as a Glass Polisher and comes with a complimentary sponge-like pad for application. The application is simple and without the need for specialized labor. It can even be applied without the use of gloves or any protection as the product is usefully beneficial without harming the skin.

Not only revitalizes tired, stained and old looking windshields but returns the once-forlorn looking windshields to their original appearance and restores them to their former glory!

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