Soft99 Light color Wax-Mirror Finish With scratch remover

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Soft99 Light color Wax-Mirror Finish With scratch remover

New Scratch Clear Wax-Mirror Finish with the included cloth, the entire process will be done. Drying and wiping off is not necessary. With this product, you can remove scratches and apply wax on even the finest parts of a car using the cloth. A newly developed super micro-particle powder will remove scratches from the surface in a flash while also creating a wax coating. Furthermore, this wax effect achieves a mirror-like finish that gives the car a brand-new shine.

Direction :
Make sure the car is compatible with this product
Wash off sand, dust, and dirt and wipe any remaining water drops
Take the wax and the included cloth to apply it evenly to the car surface.
All you need to do is polish firmly on the surface because there is no need to wipe off.
Make sure to finish the entire process. If left unfinished, it may cause spots or unevenness.

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