Soft99 Super Cleaning Shampoo + Wax Dark & Silver 750ml

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Soft99 Super Cleaning Shampoo + Wax Dark & Silver 750ml

This newly developed ionic detergent components and cleaning microparticles will get rid of even stubborn dirt. Its strong water repellent components adhere to the surface and prevent the dirt and cleaning components from sticking again, shortening the rinsing time and helping you to wipe off remaining water drops with ease. Includes both a standard sponge that fits in your hand and a small sponge for narrow spaces.

Directions : 
Remove dust and dirt with water.
Shake the bottle well with the cap on.
Apply sufficient liquid to the included yellow sponge.
Rub the surface strongly in order to make the water repellent components adhere.
Rinse and wipe off remaining water drops with a towel.

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