Soft99 Wash Mist Cleaner for Auto Interior 300ml

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Soft99 Wash Mist Cleaner for Auto Interior 300ml

This is spray type interior cleaner for multi-purpose.
Easy procedure just spray and wipe, you can throughout remove finger oil, cigarette stain which occurred in various areas. It produces anti-bacterial* and odor elimination effect.
Not all bacteria can remove.

Directions : 
Take away navy color stopper in advance.
Cleaning for inside window, seat and floor mat
Directly spray against the object and wipe off with a clean dry towel.
Spray until it gets soaked, wipe off residue and dry for bacteria or odor elimination.
Wipe off with water after using it for child seat.
Cleaning for dashboard, handle and LCD screen
Spray to clean dry towel and wipe it.

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