SONAX Silicone Spray 300ml

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SONAX Silicone spray 300ml

  • The universal lubricant, protection, and maintenance product for metal, rubber, plastics, and wood. Eradicates squeaking and creaking noises.
  • The non-greasy silicone film is water repellent and enhances the sliding abilities to move parts.
  • Lubricant for vehicles and households.
  • Lubricates, maintains, and protects rubber, plastics, wood, and metal parts.
  • Cures squeaking and creaking noises.
  • Suitable as a lubricant for car antenna, sunroofs, seat rails, hinges, drawers, shutters, zippers, etc.
  • The non-greasy silicone film has a water-repellent effect and ensures particularly clean lubricating points.
  • Transparent and neutral in odor.
  • With Easy Spray: the double spray system for extensive and targeted application without nozzle exchange.
  • Can be sprayed upside-down.

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