TCL Coolant Revive Additive 300ml

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Coolant in the automotive cooling system requires periodic replacement, if the coolant has not been replaced for a number of years, there is a high possibility of cooling and engine system damage.

TCL Coolant Revive contains 4 times more anti-rust and anti-foaming agents compared to ready to use type coolant. By simply adding TCL coolant revive to old coolant in the cooling system, the coolant will perform and protect to near the same level as new coolant.

How to use

Add 1 bottle (300ml) of COOLANT REVIVE for 6-7 L coolant.
It can also be used with the long life coolant.

Precaution for use

Please check the cleanliness of the radiator before use. In case radiator inside is very rusty and coolant are discolored extremely, this product can’t give full performance. Change all coolant and add this item.

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