TRENZ Car Cover for Sedan 5

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TRENZ Car Cover for Sedan 5

SIZE : L533 x W206 x H122 

Made with strong and durable polyester with anti-scratch backing
Deflector car covers are anti-UV treated, highly water-resistant and fire retardant
Effective protection against dust, acid rain, and other harmful particles that may damage car paint

Comes with PATENTED front-and-rear straps, with insert-clip locks, to prevent blowing off by strong winds when installed

All sides come with REFLECTORIZED TRIANGLES, which provide additional safety when the vehicle is parked along the road or at night

Expanded size - bigger than standard factory size and vehicle dimension size
Sedan 5 is suitable for:

  • Audi A8,
  • Mercedes Benz S350/S series/CLS,
  • BMW 7 series,
  • Chrysler 300,
  • Jaguar S,
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Lexus LS

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