VOLTRONIC ® AC22 Air-condition Cleaner and Disinfectant

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VOLTRONIC  AC 22 Air-condition Cleaner and Disinfectant is high performance air-condition cleaner and disinfectant. Removes dirt, eliminate bad odor (eg. nicotine, rotten egg smell), eliminate germs and bacteria. Improves air-condition efficiency and long lasting effect.

Simply application, clean and disinfectant in one action.
Eliminate bad odors i.e. nicotine, sweat, pets, rotten egg and etc.
Eliminate germs and bacteria.
Non-allergic product. Improves air-condition cooling efficiency.
Long lasting consistent effect. Wide application area.

Usage area:
Automotive i.e. car, bus, truck, ambulance and etc.
Hospital, clinic, surgery room, emergency room and etc.
House, playing room, sleeping room, kitchen and etc.
Public area, airport, restaurant, hotel and etc.
Pet shop, pet breeder, farm house and etc.

150 ml Aerosol with auto-lock discharge valve.

Usage direction:
Removes cabin filter or pollen filter.
Start engine idle, close all windows.
Turn on air-con blower only (AC-OFF) fan at highest speed.
Turn on CIRCULATION mode.
Press trigger valve and place to the nearest air suction inlet.
Use 2 bottles if there are 2 air suction inlet.
Close all doors, do not stay in the car during application.
Allow to wait until the product canister completely discharge.
Install back cabin filter or pollen filter, replace if necessary.

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