Yokohama Aspec A348 215/60 R16 95V

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Yokohama A348 is a premium passenger car tyre which checkmarks most of the essential requirements of the high-end premium cars and soft road SUVs in India as well as internationally. Designed to seemingly go with the modern vehicles, the Yokohama A348 lends excellent control, high-speed stability and top-class performance. Coming from the house of performance — Yokohama — this A-Series tyre is equally strong when it comes to safety. Due to its low rolling resistance, the Japanese rubber company is able to improve the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The innovative tread design ensures better stability and grip under varied weather settings, while the use of innovative rubber compound ascertains longer life of the tyre. Moreover, the high-performance tyre imbibes confidence in the driver, thanks to its excellent grip on the surface and brilliant cornering at high speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Yokohama A348 comes with a distinct tread pattern that ensures better wet grip and allows the vehicle to stop at the right place where it is intended to.
  • It is a run flat tyre and is puncture resistant; thus even if it gets pricked, your journey would still continue.
  • Wide contact patch helps in two ways; one by distributing the pressure evenly across the tread patch, which aids in braking and acceleration, and two, by improving fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
  • The unique tread pattern helps in reducing noise to surprisingly low levels.
  • Made using innovative polymer tread, the A348 is not affected by the heat generated during high-speed driving, as the unique tread keeps the high temperature in check.
  • Its optimized tread design adds to the comfort factor of the vehicle providing a supple ride experience to the occupants inside.

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