996.1 GT3 Porsche

The Porsche 996 GT3 is a car that is truly special, it screams “Hey I’m a race car” even when it’s just standing still.

The GT3 name started with the 996 model and its been here ever since. It’s a car that connected the driver to the machine, making you work for its performance and rewards you with a driving experience like no other.

The 3.6liter naturally aspirated Metzger engine is based on the 911 GT1 race car, this gave the 996 GT3 355HP @7200rpm / 273ft-lbs of torque. Weighting less than 3000lbs the 996 GT3 had the perfect balance of power and weight. Porsche gave you less in the 996 GT3, so that they can give you more. They stripped away creature comforts, put thinner carpets and put less sound deadening in the car, all in the name of saving weight. All of this gave the 996 GT3 a 0-60mph time of 4.5sec and a top speed of 190mph.

Since the 996 GT3 was a track focused car, Porsche endowed the GT3 with larger brakes, adjustable suspension, light weight wheels and a new front bumper with matching double plane rear spoiler to help increase downforce.

The PartsPro.PH 996 GT3 comes with the Porsche Clubsport package. This option replaced the standard electrically adjustable leather front seats with manually adjustable racing buckets. A single mass flywheel, bolt-in roll cage, 6-point racing harness, fire extinguisher (mounted in the front passenger footwell) and preparation for a battery master switch. Our 996 GT3 also features a custom FMS Molotov exhaust that makes our GT3 scream like no other.

Our PartsPro.PH 996 GT3 took home 2nd place honors for contemporary Porsche, at the 2019 Trans Sport Show. Such a great award for the 996 GT3, the car that started it all and the gold standard in track focus machines from Porsche.

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