997.2 GT3

The 997.2 GT3 was launched at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2009. It was now packing more horse power and torque than the outgoing 997.1 GT3. The 997.2 now has a 3.8 liter motor in the rear producing 435BHP @7,900RPM and 430Nm of torque; an increase of 20BHP and 25Nm of torque from the 997.1 GT3. Zero-62mph can now be achieved in 4.1secs with a top speed of 194mph made the 997.2 a blast to drive.

With a limited production number of 2,200, the 997.2 GT3 is truly special.

A more aggressive front end design and bigger spoiler in the rear help create more downforce and stability when going close to 200mph. The PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) adjustable shock absorbers have been completely re-calibrated to give the 997.2 the best possible handling. The 997.2 GT3 also received new center locking wheels which help reduce the rotating mass and made it quicker to change the wheels while out on the track.The 997 GT3 is one that Porsche collectors will seek to have in their collection and thats because its part of a dying breed, with its traditional charm that eludes the current 991 GT3. The 997.2 GT3 is last of the Mezger cars, the last Motorsport 911 with hydraulic steering and more importantly, the last GT3 before this current one with six manual gears and three pedals. The 997.2  is also regarded as perhaps the finest GT3 ever; combining the most power with expertly judged levels of modernity and traditional driver appeal, 997.2 GT3 is a legend.

Our 997.2 GT3 took home 1st place in the Contemporary Porsche category at the 2019 Trans Sport Show. Such an awesome award for this beauty of a beast.


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