REVEALED: 2021 Volkswagen Kombi PH Price and Color Variants

Confirmed: The new iconic Volkswagen Multivan Kombi is ready to make a local comeback in Q3 of 2021

The Legendary Volkswagen Kombi Story

Today’s generation of youngsters and new drivers may have only seen the legendary Volkswagen Multivan Kombi—Volkswagen’s first, most famous, and most beloved van—in pictures or videos. But for those who were old enough to hold the wheels or go on road trips in the second half of the 20th century, the Kombi van has carried with it loads of personal memories and culture-defining history.

Confirmed: The new iconic Volkswagen Multivan Kombi is ready to make a local comeback in Q3 of 2021

The iconic Kombi is about to make new memories in local soil, and will continue its journeys with a new generation of Filipino motorists as Volkswagen Philippines has just confirmed that they will bring in the Kombi this 3rd quarter of 2021. So hold on tight as they bring in the updated icon to local shores.

Next to the Beetle, the Kombi defined what Volkswagen was to an adoring motoring public. While the former celebrated creative individualism, the latter celebrated shared experiences—and wherever groups of friends or families wanted to take their next road trips to, the Kombi truly seemed more than wide-eyed happy to take them there.

Confirmed: The new iconic Volkswagen Multivan Kombi is ready to make a local comeback in Q3 of 2021

The Kombi—to its fans the Microbus, Transporter, or just simply the “hippie van”—commemorated its 70th birthday in 2020. From its conception in 1949 by Dutch businessman Ben Pon, to its subsequent iterations across the global markets for several generations, the Kombi has become the world’s all-time best-selling multivan, topping the 13-million-unit sales mark by May 2020.

The Kombi was likewise a popular fixture of Philippine streets starting in the late 1950s and peaked in popularity in 1970 when it contributed to a total of 6,100 Volkswagens that were sold on that year alone, hoisting the German marque up to become the number one seller in the Philippine automobile market.

Just like its stature in the Western world, the Kombi in the Philippines boasted wide-ranging use by families and businesses, and figured prominently in local pop culture, becoming the iconic van of the ‘60s and ‘70s “flower power” era. The Kombi won the motoring public over with a one-of-a-kind design: The low, flat floor and a spacious interior that could squeeze in groups of 8 or more—the kind of design that lent itself to any purpose and passion.

Now, amidst the multitude of van designs other automakers have offered to the Filipino public, the Volkswagen Multivan Kombi is about to stage a comeback and reclaim its old place in local road lore. This updated icon may yet prove to be some happy local motoring history ready to repeat and reveal itself sooner than one might think.

The Long Awaited Comeback

The iconic Volkswagen Multivan Kombi—which has long been a staple of fond motoring memories by our folks back in the day—makes a momentous comeback in the Philippines this July.

Volkswagen Philippines is bringing in the exclusive top-of-the-line Multivan Kombi which is laden with modern features and automotive technologies that will further define the user’s motoring lifestyle, particularly those who are always on the go to attend important business meetings, both online and face-to-face.

The Specifications

Powered by a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine mated to a 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) with Tiptronic function and coasting feature, it boosts a maximum power generation of 150 ps and top torque of 340 Nm. This power and efficiency of the interplay between the engine and transmission ensures adequate power with minimum fuel consumption, even when the Multivan Kombi is loaded to capacity. The DSG and cruise control also assure less shift fatigue for drivers even during long road trips. 

The Multivan Kombi also has convenience and safety features that will be much-appreciated by its owner. The Multivan Kombi offers dual power side doors for ease of entry and exit, while its power tailgate allows you to open and close the rear hatch doors conveniently, so you can do more important tasks at hand.

Inside, the luxurious Nappa leather interior is complemented with ultra-comfortable captain seats in the front and second row, the latter of which can swivel for that instant face-to-face meeting, while the 3rd row can still comfortably seat three people and allow their seats to recline and slide. Speaking of meetings on the go, a multifunction folding table is available and can be positioned in between the second and third rows, so important group decisions are made even before arriving at the destination.

The Multivan Kombi isn’t just a van. It has become a conveyance of success and prestige, enabling its owner to share his or her success with peers. The Multivan Kombi’s luxurious yet understated design perfectly reflects its owner’s status in life: Accomplished; at the peak of his or her career, but with loftier goals attained. With the Multivan Kombi, it’s never lonely at the top. And whether you find yourself in the comforts of the Multivan Kombi or in the company of friends and family at the end of the day—it’s still the company you keep that defines and determines your continuing success. People are, after all, still what makes Volkswagen a Volkswagen.  

The PartsPro Touch

The PartsPro is working with European suppliers for a ton of accessories ready for the 2021 Volkswagen Kombi. We have been preparing for this for a long time and have expected a massive surge for aftermarket accessories demand to further improve drivability and quality of life when traveling with the Kombi.

The Price and Variants

Volkswagen Philippines has also announced that a limited supply of the Multivan Kombi has already arrived locally and will be available in three colors: Reflex Silver, Black Pearlescent, and the Bi-Color Reflex Silver/Starlight Blue for an indicative price range of P3,650,000.

Other color variants of the Multivan Kombi will also be available by special order. For more details on this, contact Volkswagen BGC at (02) 8558-5888; Volkswagen Quezon Avenue at (02) 8558-5818; and Volkswagen Cebu at (032) 517-8226. A private viewing can also be arranged at Volkswagen BGC.

Reserve your unit now by logging on to Follow Volkswagen Philippines’ Facebook page and Instagram account at @volkswagenph to know more.


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