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Well… I’m back, so I guess people liked the previous article I wrote about the Mazda CX-9. Oh, and did I say that it was recognized by Mazda’s Steven Tan himself? You can check the article here. We’ve have angled the review to concentrate on the family experience and our recommended mods to avoid the wife kicking you out of the house with all your spending.

These are the series of articles where you can show your wife and justify your purchase. Think of us as your ammunition when trying to convince her (when she goes crazy though, please leave us out of it) 

If you liked this, and people continue to recognize this kind of review (instead of going too technical every time) please let us know! We’d love to continue writing in this manner!

Project Roadrunner: The Sequel AutoIndustriya Feature of Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner Photo grabbed from AutoIndustriya Project Roadrunner Article

Contrary to the Space Jam sequel, our updated version of the Roadrunner still keeps the integrity of its goal – continuing the fun the vehicle promised with nods to its legacy. Driving this will give you the similar satisfaction of outsmarting Wile E. Coyote every single time, especially with the PartsPro mods installed by the team. This adaptive, multi-terrain vehicle was built to cater to multiple generations, and I personally think Space Jam 2 didn’t quite live up to that. 

OK, I know – this is not a movie review. Let’s proceed.

Since PartsPro’s Project Roadrunner appearance on (see here) we’ve done updates on it and have since progressed into a much more agile daily machine. As the nickname suggests, this project was built to be one of quicker Suzuki Jimny’s you’d find on the Manila streets, without comprising any entertainment features.

Is This All Necessary? 

A Suzuki Jimny out of the factory can feel a little lackluster, so Raffy and the PartsPro team went on and installed the necessary aftermarket parts and accessories – just enough to turn heads, boost the entertainment quality and improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Commonly, as with all mass-produced cars, they were made on the factory line – lacking the character an enthusiast would like. Should you choose to keep your Jimny stock, by all means, but here at PartsPro, we feel that for us to better experience its full capabilities, we had to nudge it to the direction where it’s really, REALLY enjoyable, of course without going too crazy. 

Ride Quality: 4.5/5 

ST Suspensions on the Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

With ST Suspensions overhauling Project Roadrunners suspension system, ride quality was better overall. Sturdier than stock and you feel the response of each coilover as you drive around the city. If installed properly, you will feel the differences of quality suspensions in action. I don’t know about you, but I won’t go near K-Sports’; it lacks the girth needed to support the ride of cars. If you compare the shafts of ST and other quality coilovers, to K-Sports’… uhm… you’d be scared too.

Speaking of ST Suspensions, they have partnered up with us at PartsPro, releasing exclusive PartsPro 5th Anniversary discounts for the whole month of July. Save more than 20% when you buy your coilovers from PartsPro. Promo runs until the end of the July or until supplies last! Check to see prices here.

Entertainment: 3/5 (for an iOS user*)  Growl Head Unit on Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

Well, there’s not much to talk about here if it’s on stock, but the team installed a Growl Android Auto Head Unit to help you cope with the normalizing traffic in the metro. Check out units that fit your car on our website, or you can message us via our Facebook page so we can help you find one.

Having these head units nowadays should be a staple. For newer cars coming out of the factory, it seems that the direction is integrating it out of the box. Again, in my opinion, if manufacturers are still pushing out cars without these updated head units, they might want to check up on their innovation department if they’re doing their jobs. Might be a small feature but it shows that you care about your next-gen customers having this, at least, an option out of the factory/dealership.

For the actual head unit, it’s non-native to iOS. When I wired in my iPhone 11 Pro Max, it takes a while for it to respond in comparison to native ones like the one I reviewed with the CX-9. There was also a time when I was setting it up where the music from my Spotify was simultaneously playing the FM output, overlapping each other. BTS and 90s RnB do not mix, I tell you.

There are other better options out there but Growl seemed to be the best fit in the situation of the owner since they’re on the Android ecosystem. It doesn’t really affect them much, but as an iOS user, it exposed the technological gaps. Growl compensates for this with more sideways features though – having the ability to play videos through DVD/CDs and USB input, ability to be able to connect to a hotspot, among others. 

Audio: 4/5 Custom Tweeter Pods for Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

This falls under entertainment but I feel that this Jimny’s audio setup deserves a solo segment on its own. For audiophiles, you guys going to want to go on. I mean check out the full list JUST for the audio setup.

  • Nakamichi Digital Sound Processor-Amplifier (NDS-460)
  • Nakamichi Digital Sound Processor Cable Toy
  • Nakamichi Tweeter System 25mm (NS-QT25)
  • Nakamichi Sound Deadening (NZ-0117)
  • Nakamichi Wiring Kit Gauge 8 (NK-WK18)
  • Sony 3-Way Coaxial Speaker 6 1/2 (XS-FB163E)
  • Sony 3-Way Coaxial Speaker 5 1/4 (GTF1339)
  • Custom Tweeter Pods Pillar
  • Focal Subwoofer (from JC Audio) 

Nakamichi Audio Processor on Suzuki Jimny RoadrunnerAdmittedly, it’s not the top-of-the-line stuff across the board but if done right, you won't need to. You get to experience near incredible high-quality audio at a fraction of the price.

That’s how we do it here at PartsPro – we don’t force feed you top of the line products just to push sales. We’d love for you to experience quality without having to spend on high-end aftermarket parts and accessories if it’s not your cup of tea. Let us know what you’re looking for, we might have better options for you.

Technology: 4.75/5 Front Console on Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

Similar to its entertainment, this is as barebones as it gets. 

But more isn’t always better.

You don’t have anything other than power windows (which are not even located on the doors’ side panels; located below the head unit) It doesn’t have lane assist, no fancy nobs – and that’s how we like it for this particular vehicle. Good move by Suzuki not forcing anything into the situation. If you look at European cars, or have driven a Tesla, where everything seems to be software-controlled, this is on the other side of that spectrum. By not incorporating any additional tech, I felt the agility and the responsiveness of the car, maintaining its utility. 

Speaking of responsiveness, with a DTE Systems PedalBox installed, it felt like you’ve placed the Jimny in whole new category of performance, especially when driving it around the city. Incredible responsiveness! Although when you reach a certain notch on the speedometer where it feels like the car is telling you: “I’m not supposed to be here, nor doing this.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s not gasping for air nor rumbling in pain, it’s just… don’t push it outside it’s meant limit, even with the PedalBox. Be responsible and don’t be a mechanical douche. Your car will thank you.

Comparing it to watch technology, this is your go ol’ reliable Rolex Submariners – tough, sporty and very adaptive; fun in some situations depending which color you get. Hehe.

Storage: 4/5 Subwoofer of Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

Tumbled up can sit two people comfortably – enough room for two full sized adults. It’s going to be a fun road trip car for sure. Tumbled down and you officially have a picnic date with your significant other. Generous storage space can fit a couple of luggage and maybe a set of golf clubs, a couple of picnic baskets of positioned correctly. However, since the subwoofers were moved from under the seats to the back, you might want to be extra careful moving your stuff in and out to avoid damaging them. As mentioned, subs were originally under the two seats up front but since Raff, as an audiophile himself, wanted a more impactful effect coming from all corners of the car. For guys using the Jimny more for utility use might want to consider putting the subs under the seats similar to how Raff did it originally.

Storage Space of Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

Kids Threshold Meter: 4.75/5

Backseat of Suzuki Jimny Roadrunner

If you have one or two kids up to their teens, assuming your all you guys are light packers, this is a perfect ride for you. If you have three, then it might be another conversation. This is the vehicle you would see yourself singing songs and playing games with your kids while on a road trip. Mid-trip they could comfortably sleep in the backseats with little compromise.

This is the perfect small family car. When you see a family in this car on a road trip, you’d know they’re close.

Verdict: 25/30 (83.33%) – Wife Approved!

To summarize

  • Ride Quality:       4.50/5.00
  • Entertainment:   3.00/5.00
  • Audio:                  4.00/5.00
  • Technology:        4.75/5.00
  • Storage:              4.00/5.00
  • Kids Threshold:  4.75/5.00 

Suzuki Jimny Project Roadrunner

Overall, I think this is an awesome second car, but not a primary one. It serves multiple generations - old and young; acts as an utilitarian vehicle for short road trips and fun drives – best for midnight snack drives with your son, a spontaneous date trip across town, or a first not-so-intimidating vehicle for a newbie driver. I’d love to have one and I think the wife would approve. Keywords: “I think.” Well, let’s wait for her to read this and see how she reacts.

Stay tuned for a more technical review from Aurick (@aurx7) We're releasing his full video of this soon!

Feel free to message us if you want to inquire about building your Jimny or if you have your project car build. You can check out the full build list below:


Full Build List:

Performance Parts:

  • Braid Winrace T Wheels 16x7 Anthracite Shiny (Set of 4pc)
  • BF Goodrich Advantage T/A 215/70R16
  • ST XA Suspension Parts 18276008
  • PIAA LED Sport Lamp DK2K76 Ion Yellow 2500K
  • Aftermarket Grille
  • Kenstyle Rear Spoiler
  • Sunbloc V2: Ultimate Ceramic
  • Hippo Techmat
  • Growl Android Auto Headunit
  • Greddy Drop-in Air Filter
  • DTE Pedal Box with Application 12723717
  • Mitsuba Air Bullet
  • PIAA Aero Vogue Wiper 16”
  • Tire Delete Kit

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