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When a car guys gets a new car the first thoughts on his mind are always what modifications can I do. Aftermarket wheels, exhaust, brakes, suspension upgrades and the list goes on and on and that’s before he take the car home.

A Subaru WRX is something that’s truly unique, and special in so many ways. It sounds different, looks different and feels different from anything else out there; it’s a special car thats gained cult-like following all throughout the world.

Cars can be enjoyed in so many different ways and modifying a car to make it uniquely yours bring one of the biggest joys in a car guys life, its like Christmas morning when new mods are to be installed.

And Christmas came early for this WRX owner.

Wheels and Tires :

Since it’s a World Rally Blue (WRB) Subaru WRX, its fair say that it would be sacrilegious if the wheels were any other color but gold. The owner could have gone a variety of different routes when choosing the perfect wheels for his WRX. But instead of doing what everyone else has already done, this WRX had to stand out. It’s now rolling on the ultra rare Electrum Gold Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE in 19x10 +38 — yup he’s 1 of 11 lucky owner of these awesome wheels. The Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE are wrapped in a set of Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires making sure it sticks to the ground when the owner takes it to the track or during those early weekend mornings of spirited driving.


While the Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE wheels perfectly fills in the fenders; there was still a bit of wheel gap we needed to take care of. We decided to go with a set of TEIN H-Tech lowering springs, because its designed to be used with the OEM shock struts. TEIN H-Tech springs lowers the WRX approximately 23 mm in the front and 20 mm in the rear; springs rates are 341.6lbs front and rear. Not only does the TEIN H-Tech give this WRX the perfect stance, it also maintains OEM comfort while increasing overall handing. 

When changes are applied to a car’s suspension, doing an alignment is an absolute must — especially on an All-Wheel Drive car. A full alignment was at Fixstop with their Hunter laser alignment rack; adjusting camber, toe and caster to the perfect spec.


Knowing that this car would to be spending time on the race track and that power mods were already in the works; we wanted to address the OEM brake lines and the OEM brake fluids while the wheels were off. We decided to replace the OEM rubber brake lines with a set of stainless steel brake lines by Goodridge and replace the OEM brake fluid with some ATE - SL DOT4.

While your OEM rubber brake lines might be perfectly ok for daily driving; for a car thats going to be receiving more power and seeing track time, a set of stainless steel brake lines is crucial. Factory rubber lines are not reinforced like stainless brake lines, therefore when pressure builds, they tend to expand outward. That expansion results in a spongy or squishy pedal feel, but by upgrading to a set of stainless steel brake lines and ATE - SL DOT 4 brake fluid the owner of this WRX will have a firmer and more accurate pedal feel.

This isn’t going to be the last time you see this amazing WRX as power mods are coming up next. Christmas might come a few times this year for the owner of this stunning WRX.

Parts List:

Wheels and Tires: 
- Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE in 19x10 +38 5x114.3 (1/11 Limited Edition Electrum Gold)
275/30 R19 Dunlop Direzza DZ102 (Ultra-High Performance Summer Tires)

TEIN H-Tech lowering springs (23mm drop in front and 20mm drop in rear)


Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines

ATE SL DOT4 brake fluids

Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines

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