Supra Pricing leaked

So a few days the price list for the new Toyota Supra leaked out and it looked a bit weird, at least to me it did. Usually in the US when a price list comes out, it states something along the lines of...

3.0 starts at 


Supra Premium starts at 


Launch Edition $56,180

But here in the Philippines, its a bit different I guess. 

What makes Lighting Yellow 60K more than the Prominence Red? Are there extra options that come in the Lightning Yellow or is it merely because - Hey if you want a yellow Supra fork up an extra 60K, why you ask... easy, because we can.

But I guess at the end of the day what makes it weird is the $97,000USD price tag for a Toyota Supra. Are you kidding me? $97,000USD (based on a $51.24 exchange rate) for a Supra. A "Toyota Supra" with BMW price tags on parts incase something goes boom. 

So, which color would you get your Supra in?

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