Filtering Oil with A Magnetic Twist
PIAA Twin Power Magnetic Oil Filter

Engine oils has been called as the life blood of your engine. The slippery liquid that allows metal to glide over metal as the engine putters along in your day to day commute. Keeping the oil free of contaminants is of utmost importance to maintaining your vehicle, or specifically, the engine.

All engines have an oil filter, whether it is a single cylinder thumper or a massive 12 cylinder engine. Oil filters are devices that help in preventing dirt and contaminants from going around the engine internals and possibly wreaking havoc to the proper operation of the engine. Essentially it traps those unwanted particles within the folds if its filter.

Traditionally, oil filters trap these contaminants using a paper element that allows oil to pass through but not the contaminants. Contaminants are particulates that become suspended in the oil. Most of which is a product of simply running the engine normally. A particulate that is of interest here is the metal shavings that eventually occur within the engine under normal usage. These metal shavings are minute and usually happen each time you first start your vehicle’s engine after it sits silently waiting for your next trip. This happens went all the oil is in the oil pan and has circulated throughout the engine. Metal on metal contact occurs during these moments.

There are other causes to metal shavings occurring inside the engine but in the end, they are not what you want suspended in the oil. Luckily for us, metal shavings is made up of, well, metal. And a one way to attract metal is with the use of magnets. That’s the reason there are some remedies to the metal shavings problem that use magnetic drain plugs. But not all engines have a magnetic drain plug. But all hope is not lost. Enter PIAA with a solution.

PIAA has come up with an oil filter that traps the conventional way and the magnetic way. The PIAA Twin Power Magnet Oil Filter. PIAA’s special filter features a two paper element filtration structure within one chamber. One paper element filters particulates as small as 10-micron. While the other paper element can filters more particles as small as 20-micron. Stacked within the chamber, they offer up to 150% better oil filtration when compared to regular oil filters.

Now for the magnetic part of the filter. Nestled in between the paper elements is a 100 milliTesla high power magnet that can maintain its magnetic force in the high temperature environment of engines. That way, the metallic powder shaving suspended on the oil is captured thus preventing it from eventually causing more damage in the long term.

But there’s more, the dual filter and magnet stack is enclosed in a chamber that has larger intake passage ways that allow more oil to pass through to get filtered. Approximately, a 170% increase in flow rate is achieved compared to regular oil filters.

With PIAA’s Twin Power Magnet Oil Filter, you get better contaminant filtration for the oil and a higher flow rate that allows you to get the filtered oil where you need it, the engine internals. We carry full line of PIAA's innovative filter here at PartsPro.Ph, just drop us a call or message.

PIAA Twin Power Magnet Filter at PartPro.Ph
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