PartsPro.Ph Participates In Brembo Expert Program

Most, if not everybody, who is into cars has heard of the brand called Brembo at one point in their motoring life. Whether it be cars or motorcycles, Brembo has stamped their name in the motoring industry. Established in Italy during 1961, Brembo specializes in high performance braking systems and components. From the brake rotors to complete braking systems, these guys have you covered.

Locally in the Philippines, Brembo has fair amount of following among enthusiasts. Brembo is represented by their official distributor, AutoPerformance Ph. Dealing with an official distributor will always have its benefits without any downsides. First and foremost, you are assured that you getting the genuine deal when it comes to the products. None of those counterfeit stuff or cobbled together sets. Then, you also get after sales support if the need arises.

On the other side of the spectrum of things for the official distributor, product sales is not the only thing that they do. Recognized distributors are also tasked with other things pertaining to the brand that they carry. They are in charge of providing their official dealer network the tools that they need to market, install and possibly service their products with the help of Brembo headquarters in Italy.

One of those tools is product knowledge. With that said, AutoPerformance Ph recently held the first Philippine session of Brembo’s training program called the Brembo Expert. An exclusive training program for qualified Brembo Brake dealers across the country. The program aims to provide knowledge and training in the latest in brake technology and the most recent product innovations by Brembo.

The graduates of this exclusive program were given certificates of attendance and special Brembo Expert merchandising. Aside from the certificates and merchandise, the represented qualified dealers are also given access to a special section of the official website, Periodic technical updates and a special listing at the AutoPerformance Ph website will also be provided to the qualified dealers who participated in the Brembo Expert program.

PartsPro.Ph has been a proud official dealer of Brembo Brakes and Autoperformance Ph since 2017. We believe in the product that not only do we sell Brembo products, we also have been using the brand exclusively in our in-house motorsports efforts. We joined the Brembo Expert training program with the goal of providing our clients with up-to-date skills and know-how for the proper installation of the products and for the benefit of their safety on the road. Now THAT is what is important to us.

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