KW Variant 5

KW develops an innovative damper technology as a benchmark for the aftermarket industry: The KW Variant 5.

KW has recently introduced the KW Variant 5, a completely new suspension kit that shows the world why KW is the market leader in suspension industry. With the new Variant 5, KW relies on its successful state-of-the-art motorsports suspension technology, with a modular solid piston damping system.

KW states that..."By connecting the valves in series, KW achieves a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and a precise high-frequency function due to the low damper valve lift. The entire system ensures low hysteresis and direct response in damping which has never been achieved in the aftermarket industry."

This all means that the KW Variant 5 is able to react immediately, thus giving you an even more comfortable ride. A precise 14-clicks independent adjustment in the low and high-speed damping forces of the compression and rebound stages, gives you the ability to dial in the car to exactly how you want it.

KW Variant 5 should be available in the next few weeks. We'll be taking Pre-Orders very soon, if you're interested please send us a message on Facebook or an email at Sale@PartsPro.PH


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