Sony Vision S

So CES 2020 ( Consumer Electronic Show) is happening right now in Las Vegas and Sony just introduced its prototype car, the Sony Vision S.

Yes, you read that right; Sony has just created a car. 

The design of the Sony Vision S reminds of the of the Tesla model 3 and the Porsche Taycan, which is a very good thing. Its a sleek looking concept that I could really see myself driving. The main focus for Sony's Vision S is safety, the Vision S has 33 sensors that include CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors (Time of Flight – the tech helps accurately judge distances between objects and the camera), to detect and recognize people both outside and in.

The interior of the Sony Vision S is filled with screens, there are 3 high-resolution panoramic displays where your dashboard would normally be and to the sides are digital rear-view screens to replace your side view mirrors. 

The Vision-S also features Sony ‘360 Reality Audio’ for rich audio fed through speakers built into each seat, which will probably be the best audio set-up you've ever seen.

The passengers in the back also get a massive screen for them to pretty much do whatever they want ie: watch movies, video's...etc

As far as power is concerned, the Vision S will be powered by 2 electric motors giving a total of 544 hp, 0-62 mph will be achieved in 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 149 mph.

Sony did not state what the range capabilities of the Vision S were and there was no mention of it actually going into production, but its an interesting surprise that Sony could potentially be a car manufacturer.

 Would you buy a car made by Sony?

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