PartsPro, industry experts, invited to an exclusive DTE Systems Germany Virtual Office Tour

As one of the country's authoritative figures in the performance automotive scene, PartsPro, among others, were invited to an exclusive virtual tour of DTE System's headquarters in Recklinghausen, Germany.


It was such a great honor to be one of the representatives of the Philippines in this exclusive tour. By understanding DTE Systems' design and engineering process, it equips us with more knowledge to be able to explain to our customers its massive benefits to your vehicles.

DTE Systems GmbH develops, produces and sells performance tuning for cars, trucks and tractors. With the chip tuning product PowerControl for cars, the engine performance is increased by 25 to 30% while with the PowerControl PDX for trucks lesser fuel consumption of about 12% can be achieved. A second DTE product line is the PedalBox: the gas pedal tuning for all passenger cars with an electronic accelerator. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement in acceleration by approximately 10%. (Grabbed from the DTE Chiptuning Company Website)

Watch their full company video here or below:

Inquire about DTE Systems today and see how you can achieve incredible fuel savings while boosting your vehicle's performance.

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Here are a few screenshots from the tour today seen below (other key areas were left out for security purposes) (apologies for the low resolution photos) :

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