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July 2021 marks the 5th year of PartsPro.ph service to the Philippine automotive aftermarket scene and we'd like for you to come celebrate with us. 

PartsPro Brand Reboot Banner

We have had our fair share of learnings along the journey, and we wish to continue progressing into the next 5 years with more knowledge and authority in mind. Backed by notable names in the industry, we wish you to be part of our 5th anniversary celebration simultaneous with our brand reboot. The reboot entails a strategic change in management approach, personnel composition, marketing content, and maneuvering the modern digital space to maximize reach, revenue and service. This month-long celebration and reboot have attracted brand names such as KW Suspensions, ST Suspensions, DTE Pedalbox, Motul Philippines, ROTA Philippines, Brembo, among others. 


This refreshed image of the PartsPro logo provides a multitude of elements, providing subtle nods to the passionate souls that run the brand – Founder, Raffy David and its GM, Billy Billano. This reintroduction is due for a release this July 2021 in line with PartsPro’s 5th anniversary, along with unveiling other pieces of the campaign puzzle that we are tremendously excited about.

Here’s our ten (10) objectives:

  1. New Refreshed Brand Image
  2. Total Dedication to Digitation
  3. Doubling Down on Nationwide Distribution Access and Support
  4. More Collaboration for Better Reach and Engagement
  5. Best Customer Service
  6. More Content on Build Reviews and Staff Recommendations
  7. Continuous Learning on New Technology
  8. Better Feedback Cycles with our Customers
  9. Further Development of Our Loyal Community
  10. Further Development of PartsPro Racing Team


The characteristics of the rebrand aims to showcase both PartsPro’s respect for tradition and vision for the future. The updated sleek look of the whole piece represents PartsPro’s core values – to provide a unique persona to its customers’ automotive artworks, maintaining their functional prowess, with no compromise in quality; backing every decision by solid empirical data, mechanical experience, and an eye for taste. The checkered flag represents its dominance and long-standing presence in the Philippine racing scene, and the brand’s expertise in all-things aftermarket, whether for racing masterpieces on the track, or for the daily driven workhorses in the metro. The energetic red of the “pro” latches onto the minds of our automotive connoisseurs behind the scenes, providing substantial knowledge, authority and trust to its audience, whilst the white signifies sophistication of the brand’s taste and opinions towards the aftermarket industry.


PartsPro Management Photo

This reinvigorated brand direction is the first step towards a deeper dedication and investment to our stakeholders that help PartsPro be where we are to be – a symbolic recognition to the investors, the partners, our colleagues/employees, and suppliers, and of course, our customers.


PartsPro Team Photo

Thank you to all our loyal customers, partners, employees, in making this possible. We look forward to your continued support in the coming years, decades. Thank you.




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